Report: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 May Feature a Foldable Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

When Samsung stopped the production of the Galaxy Note 7, reports started emerging suggesting that the Korean tech giant will discontinue the entire series.

However, the company has already shown hints of coming in with a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 come 2017. Just recently, a company representative admitted that the Note 7 had done some huge damages to the image of Samsung, but this has given the company the chance to come in with a bang.

There is no doubt that the Galaxy Note 7 had its own set of innovations, but it seems the best is yet to come. Apparently, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will represent another design overhaul for the highly valued Galaxy Note brand alongside more advanced technologies.

At the beginning of this week, reports surfaced with claims that Samsung has filed a patent for a foldable screen technology. This is not the first time such talk has come out, but it is the first sight of how the device will indeed look like. It will be interesting to see how this phone really works, but the patent says that the mechanism will work semi-automatically. Once the Galaxy Note 8 is folded, there will be a secondary display screen coming to life.

There have been past rumors suggesting that Samsung Galaxy X is the phone that will feature a bendable display. However, given the issues surrounding the Note series thanks to the Galaxy Note 7, it is rumored that the 2017 Galaxy Note 8 will also come with a bendable display as a major USP and a way of reviving the brand.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The question that arises here is that what components will Samsung use on the Galaxy Note 8 to ensure that the screen doesn’t break or even hardware inside doesn’t get harmed after months or years of folding and unfolding the phone? We all know the capabilities of OLED panels, which Samsung happens to make – but there is more to this than just OLED technology. Apple, for instance, has hinted at using carbon nanotubes, sensors, and other components to make the bending possible.

The debate about whether Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released or not was recently calmed by renowned leaker Evan Blass. According to Blass, the Note 8 will feature model number SM-N950 alongside SM-G950 and SM-G955 for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge, respectively.

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