Report: Samsung Galaxy S8 Display to Take After the Xiaomi Mi MIX

Samsung S8

If the latest reports coming from Korea are anything to go by, Samsung Galaxy S8 could come with significant screen real estate, something close to what Xiaomi did with the near bezel-less Mi MIX.

Xiaomi surprised the world by coming in with what it calls a concept Mi MIX whose screen covers more than 90% of the front panel, running from edge-to-edge, with only the bottom side having a bezel. Apparently, this is the same direction Samsung wants to take with the Galaxy S8. It had also been rumored that Apple is planning to overhaul the design of the iPhone 8 by getting rid of the metallic unibody and instead debut a curved edge-to-edge design.

Now that Xiaomi has opened the door, it seems this is the go-to design as far as 2017 flagships are concerned. This information was reportedly sourced from a top Samsung engineer called Park Won-sang and it materializes, we are facing the prospects of using a Samsung Galaxy S8 that has 10% more screen real estate when compared to its predecessors. Since Samsung has already showcased its qualities in the curved display arena, it will be interesting to see what percentage this curved part accounts for.

The engineer further added that Samsung could even decide to come in with a Galaxy S8 that has 99% screen, which could basically mean the phone packs a full-screen AMOLED display. Whether this S8 rumor is true or not, prepare to see more Mi MIXs released come 2017 and it is hard to believe that Samsung will not be part of the whole craze, especially since it is the main supplier of these flexible OLED panels across the globe.

Samsung Galaxy S8

There have been stories of a Samsung Galaxy S8 that has no physical home screen, instead, this feature will be embedded in the screen alongside the fingerprint scanner. Samsung is expected to announce the S8 at the MWC 2017 event towards the end of February, meaning that there is still time for more rumors. Until Samsung releases the phone, keep in mind that these are just speculations.

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