Report: Samsung Planning to Offer Galaxy S8 and S8+ Buyers a 90-Day ‘Unconditional’ Refund Window

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Samsung has been airing a number of Galaxy S8 and S8+ awareness programs, including TV adverts, and the latest is no different from the rest as far as their intention is concerned.

If anything, the reason why Samsung is doing all this is to make sure that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ remain in the picture as the launch nears. In a new attempt to lure more buyers to the S8 and S8+ phones, the South Korean tech giant has taken a new route where it will offer potential buyers a 90-day window to return the phones, just in case they don’t like it. What’s even better is that ‘unconditional’ tag the deal has been given, which serves to eliminate any caveats that usually accompany such money back guarantees.

Not so long ago, we stumbled upon a report that claimed Samsung will set up a massive 3000 Galaxy S8 and S8+ experience shops across the entire South Korea. And now we have news of a 90-day money back guarantee with no conditions whatsoever. Well, these efforts are indeed bearing fruits as we can hardly go a day without thinking of the Galaxy S8 phones. The company has made the phone noticeable to everyone, including those who have already purchased the LG G6, for instance.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

So, why is Samsung going through such a hassle? According to the report, there could only be two sides of the coin. Where one side could be because of the need to show people that it has confidence in its products (thanks to the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco), the other side has a lot to do with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Bixby AI assistant.

If reports are to be believed, the digital assistant will only be compatible with a handful of apps at launch. As a result, Samsung wants to eliminate any fears that might creep in due to disappointments from Galaxy S8 and S8+ buyers over the scope of the digital assistant in relation to the phone’s possible price of at least $799. With a grace period of 90 days, Samsung is adamant that it will have made some significant improvements and updates to Bixby to justify the phone’s existence in the market as the go-to flagship.

Be warned that none of this is coming directly from Samsung and as such, you should bring your grain of salt for anything could change once the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are released.


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