Report: Samsung Tasked with Producing 100 Million OLED Panels for 2017 iPhone

2017 iPhone 7S and 7S Plus

Rumors of Apple finally ditching the use of LCD panels on iPhones in favor of what has been voted as the best screen technology in smartphones – OLED – are escalating as the latest reports point towards a Samsung-Apple deal with regards to the 2017 iPhone display screen.

According to a South Korean source, Samsung and Apple have agreed to a three-year deal that will see the former manufacture more than 100 million AMOLED panels for the 5.5-inch 2017 iPhone. This is not the first time rumors of such a partnership have surfaced. In fact, it was earlier suggested that LG will also be part of the deal, but this has yet to materialize in any case.

A possible iPhone 7 Pro lineup in the works?

Even though the iPhone 7 is not expected until September this year, word has it that Apple might be working on introducing a third model of the iPhone. This means that we may have a 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and two 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. Given that the latest reports claim that the deal between Apple and Samsung will see the latter come in with at least 100 million pieces of the 5.5-inch panels, it is possible that Apple might be prepping a third variant of the iPhone 7. It is reported that Cupertino might this time go with dual-camera technology as a way of differentiating the smaller smartphones, other than the usual aspect of size.

The site doesn’t mention a thing about the 4.7-inch OLED panels, which also kind of make things doubtful. As it seems, Samsung is preparing for this by setting aside an entire production line at its plant in Asan. This cannot be confirmed, though.

2017 iPhone 7S and 7S Plus

Sometimes back, 9to5 Mac reported that OLED panels will wait until 2018 before they can appear on an iPhone. However, the analyst behind the report, KGI Securities’ Ming-Ching Kuo, has recently changed the tune of his song and is now singing along with the latest revelations coming from China. Kuo is optimistic that the 2017 iPhone will be the first device to feature OLED panels. Other than this, it is also reported that Apple will turn back to iPhone 5S and older models for inspiration as far as design is concerned, with rumors of a glass-metal fusion starting to escalate.

Other than Samsung and LG, other names have also featured recently when it comes to Apple’s pursuit of OLED technology. Sharp,  AUO, and JDI are just some of the names to have shown up, however, with this report, it seems Samsung has landed the deal for supplying AMOLED screen panels for the 2017 iPhone 7S Plus.

According to this Chinese version of the Wall Street Journal, Samsung will supply Apple with 100 million panels in each of the three years agreed.

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