Report: Sony to Discontinue Xperia Z, M and C Series in Favor of Xperia X Lineup

Xperia X Series

When Sony came in with the Xperia X lineup earlier this year, it followed up by announcing that it will not be coming in with a new Xperia Z6 flagship to succeed last year’s Z5 series.

Apparently, the Z series will not be the only one facing the axe from the Japanese tech giant. The same will also be happening to the Xperia M and Xperia C lineup, a new report coming from Asia can reveal. As it seems, the company wants to focus its entire efforts on bettering the newly launched Sony Xperia X series, an indicator that the company might be looking to use the same series in all categories, be it low-end, mid-range, or premium end devices.

It appears that the idea of dropping the Xperia Z lineup was already in plan thanks to the latest information surfacing from the likes of ePrice and Marco Kao blog. Sony had a roadmap in place with respect to its smartphones and all this was broken down into three chapters.

The beginning of Chapter 1 was back in 2010 when the company was focusing on an open OS for bettering web communication. It is during this period that the first Android-powered Sony Xperia X10 was pushed to the market following its launch in 2009. This chapter came to a close on 2012, setting the stage open for Chapter 2, which begun in 2013 running down to 2015. This is the same period that Sony Xperia Z series was the major highlight with the company out to sell the “best of Sony” during the whole time.

Xperia X and Xperia XA

Now that Chapter 2 is done, the company is now onto Chapter 3 – a chapter that will be here until 2018. This is the era that will see the Xperia smartphone lineup opened up for new communication. The Xperia X takes over from the Z series in this chapter, becoming the company’s new brand as far as communication and identity are concerned. From now henceforth, you will see the X logo in each and every Sony ad on TVs and any promotional media, with the huge focus being on marketing the Xperia X lineup.

What this means is that from now until 2018, we will be hearing more of Xperia X devices than we currently are. This is because Sony will be pushing this model in all market segments, however, the Japanese tech giant has not confirmed any of these reports. Still, don’t expect these changes to compromise the spec sheet on offer, the only thing that will happen here is that you will no longer be coming across the likes of Xperia M, Xperia C or Xperia Z phones from Sony, instead, everything will be around Xperia X.

There is already a new Xperia XA Ultra awaiting official release in the coming weeks while the rumored Xperia C6 Ultra could well be the next Xperia X Ultra.

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