Report: Sony to Reveal Two PlayStation 4 Models this September

PlayStation 4

In a new report, Sony is finalizing plans on two new PlayStation 4 models that are set to be revealed during this month of September.

According to the report, the Japanese tech giant will be coming in with a standard PlayStation 4 alongside a new and upgraded PS4 model. Of course, this is not the next-gen PlayStation console, but as the report alleges, Sony is only doing this to maintain the huge demand for PS4 gaming consoles.

This is perfect timing as Sony has plans to hold an event on September 7, an event that has been touted before to host the launch of PlayStation 4 Neo, a revised version of the original PS4. If the report materializes, there will be a live presentation at the PlayStation Theater in NY, but the details of what exactly will be at the show are still scant.

Earlier this year, Sony confirmed that a new and more powerful version of the PS4 was in the works. Codenamed Neo, the rumors about the console have been all over the web, but the developer has managed to keep almost the secrets about it. Still, it has been claimed that the upcoming PS4 model will carry a 4K resolution alongside improved graphics.

PlayStation 4 Neo

Given the slight improvements that will come with the new PlayStation 4 Neo, the company also confirmed that it will be priced higher than the standard PS4. There were expectations that Sony will shed some light on the console at the E3 earlier this year, but nothing came out of the tech giant. But with the Tokyo Game Show set to begin on September 15, many experts in the industry are of the view that the new PS4 models could be released either before or during the event.

For those with PS4 games and wish to step up to the new PlayStation 4 Neo, Sony says that there won’t be any problems. For current developers of PS4 games that wish to provide more content for PS4 Neo, Sony says that it will take them a small but still manageable effort to do so.

Are you excited about the release of a new PlayStation 4 Neo?

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