Rumor: Galaxy S9 to be the first Samsung modular design ever

Galaxy S9

The rumor-mill that always surrounds Samsung devices is at it again – Even before the Samsung Note 8 has been made official, there are rumors going around that the Samsung S9 will feature a modular design analogous to that of the Moto Z line.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Korean company is just days away from launching the Note 8 and there have been reports about the S9 set to be released next year. Famous tipster Eldar Murtazin has taken to Twitter and said that the S9 will have “MotoMod” features.

If the rumors are true, then the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have accessories that can be clipped to the sides or back of the phone, such as a projector, a camera, a game pad and a sound system. The accessories will be attached by means of magnetic pads placed on the phone.

Most smartphone manufacturers are pulling away from modular designs and the rumors may be totally unfounded. The Moto Z line, the Essential phone and the LG G5 are some of the devices that have used modular designs in the past.

However, the deluge of Smartphones being released each year puts pressure on manufacturers to come up with designs that will steal the limelight. Perhaps, Samsung is thinking along these lines and feels that having the first modular Samsung will peak interest in the phone and help improve sales next year.

Other rumors surrounding the Galaxy S9 design

Hardware rumors

Samsung Galaxy S9 will offer faster data downloads due to the introduction of LTE modems on their Exynos processors. The new modems will allow for 6 carrier aggregation (6CA). This means that data will be downloaded at speeds approaching 1.2Gbits per second. The carrier aggregation feature uses multiple LTE bands to increase download speeds. Much like the download managers used on computers. However, this will depend on having carriers that have 6CA capabilities. The Galaxy S8 has the ability to download at 5CA so the S9 will download at 20% higher speeds than the S8.

The carrier aggregate rumors are still academic at this time, given that not many carriers have the ability to provide 6CA downloads. In the UK, EE has launched the gigabit LTE for a maximum download capability of 3CA.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a Fingerprint scanner at the back instead of the in-screen scanner that had been mentioned in earlier rumors.

Processor rumors

Another Tipster took to the Chinese social media site called Weibo and said that the S9 has nabbed the first batch of Snapdragon 845 processors set to be released next year. The chip is as yet to be revealed, but looking at the history of Qualcomm and Samsung, this rumor may be true. Qualcomm gave the Samsung Galaxy S8 the first batch of Snapdragon 835 chips last year.

Battery rumors

On another issue, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will also have a bigger battery than the S8. This comes from the new PCB technology that will allow the device to have more components added to the board without increasing its size. This means that the new phone will have space for a bigger battery than the 3,500 mAh battery used in the S8.

Price and Release Date rumors

In the past, Samsung has always revealed their new flagship smartphone at the Mobile World Congress. This implies that the S9 will be revealed in February 2018 and then launched by March or April. This is still a rumor based on the history of Samsung release and launch dates.

The Galaxy S9 will not come cheap, fetching a handsome $900 (£700). This means that it will be classified as a premium flagship phone. Given the modular design and other features that will be (supposedly) added to the phone, there may be no reason to slash the price.

In conclusion

Many times, rumors surrounding the release of a new smartphone usually turn out to be true, on the most part, so what remains to be seen is whether the Galaxy S9 will have a modular design, and the kind of accessories the design will allow for mounting. Rumors surrounding other features of the phone may also be true indicating that the S9 will be a truly remarkable phone.

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