Rumor: Google Pixel XL 2 has been cancelled, LG to make the Google Taimen

Google Pixel 2

There have been quite a number of stories regarding the upcoming Google Pixel 2and Pixel XL 2 phones, but Google hasn’t come out yet to confirm or refute any of these claims.

At some point, it was claimed that the tech giant is no longer working on Google Pixel and Pixel XL successors alone, but there’s also a third device in the making. From the discoveries, it was found that these devices will still use aquatic names as codenames for the phones, with Walleye, Muskie and Taimen the touted names.

If you have some knowledge of aquatic life, you’ll know that these three phones will come in three different sizes, where Walleye will be the smallest and Taimen the largest, just like the animals in question. We’ve seen benchmarks of the Taimen and just recently, the Google Pixel XL 2, which is the Muskie, appeared on GFXBench, giving us a highlight of what to expect when the phone comes around.

While the features were kind of interesting, including a 5.6-inch 18:9 display screen, the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC and a 13MP shooter on the back, the latest rumors will make you sick. As it stands, Google has decided to cancel this Pixel XL 2, which has the codename Muskie. According to Android Police, there’s still no particular reason as to why this is happening, but the publication notes that the other two phones – Walleye and Taimen – are still in Google’s plans.

It is claimed that the Taimen will now be the successor to the 2016 Google Pixel XL, but the phone will ship with a bigger screen than the 5.5-inch panel used on the Pixel XL. Speaking of which, another report has also surfaced claiming that LG might just make a return into Google’s smartphone plans, with the Korean company taking charge of manufacturing the Taimen.

OnePlus 5 vs Google Pixel 2

According to a discovery made by 9to5Google, a bug entry reported on Google’s Android Issue Tracker by an LG employee is evidence that the Taimen will be manufactured by LG. Apparently, a Google employee requested that this bug is relocated to thread Android>Partner>External>LGE>Taimen>Power. From this, the appearance of LGE, possibly LG Electronics, and Taimen in the same line is not a coincidence.

If this is indeed true, it’ll mean that the Nexus 5X and Nexus 5 maker will be back for the new Google Pixel XL 2 while the standard Pixel will be handled by the original maker of the Pixel phones – HTC.

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