Rumor Has It Again – Google Allo May Be Launched This Week

google allo

To recall, Google Allo, an instant messaging app was announced first alongside Duo, video chatting and calling app for Android and iOS, at the I/O developer’s conference in May.

Allo is a text messaging app which is power-driven by Google Assistant. Allo also has end-to-end encryption features like Duo, although in this app it is optional.

Google had launched its video calling app, Duo last month and within a month of release, it already hit a 10 million downloads at the Google Play Store. If rumors are to be believed then Google is going to launch its other new app, Allo also very soon.

google allo features

According to a tweet by Evan Blass, the prominent leaker, Google will be launching Allo soon in the coming week. Though the exact launch date is not out yet, this release window is a little more specific than it was in summer of May, when Google had given a brief outline about the app launch. Other sources have rumored that September 21 might be the D-Day.

A Refresher for Google Allo Features

To refresh all the old information that was given long back, Google has one more text messaging app in its bag, the Allo. Allo has an interface which is very simple and liberating, giving the users a fresh feel. You will have to sign up into the app after installation by using your phone number. You can also connect with your Google account, although it is not mandatory. It has conventional features like stickers, emojis, and indicators for sent and received messages just like any other instant messaging app would offer. It has the ability to zoom in or out the text size which is called the “WhisperShout” feature for your messages.

Sending photos via this app is the best thing ever offered by Google. When you select a photo to send it across the app, it opens on the screen in a fully blown mode. You can fiddle around with the picture and edit it before sending the photo.

Another highlight is the Incognito mode, for chats that are going to expire and for end-to-end to encryption. The Incognito mode and end-to-end encryption features can be enabled by choice. The expiring messages feature has been inspired by Snapchat and Google Assistant.

Allo is power-driven by support from Google Assistant. With this support, you can make Google searches to look for images and a lot more tasks, from within the app. The developers can also build-in support for their apps within Allo, which will allow you to do things like book a reservation on OpenTable etc., from within the app.

Another notable feature that comes with Allo is the Smart Replies. This feature will allow Allo to analyze images which are sent to you and will automatically suggest you appropriate replies. For example, if you are sent an image of a cat, Allo will suggest “Cute cat!” as a reply, with an idea to save you some time.

google allo

Google Allo is available for both iOS and Android-based mobile devices. With the introduction of Allo, Google has to take another stab in the messaging market, following the footsteps of its already existing messaging apps like Hangouts, and the Messenger app for Android. One of the main drawbacks of the app is that “Google” is the only chatbot available that Allo will be using for the users to talk to.

Allo will have to face a tough battle on the iOS platform with iMessage and WhatsApp already ruling the charts. It will be interesting to see if Allo will be made into a worthy opponent by Google in the instant messaging market.

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