Rumor: Samsung Galaxy A4 is Coming Soon – Here’re the Specs

Samsung Galaxy A8

Since last year, Samsung has been very busy with the introduction of new lines of products. The Galaxy A and Galaxy J series have topped the mid-range charts for quite some time now and there is even news of a new Samsung Galaxy C series in the making.

While some of you might have heard of Samsung Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A8 not so many have got a chance to get to know more about the rumored Samsung Galaxy A4. Of course, it is still a rumor because Samsung hasn’t confirmed it yet, however, based on the latest leaks, it can be assured that this device is coming soon.

As mentioned, Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) was announced late last year and it comes with model number SM-A310. On the other hand, there is also a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) in the market and it has a mode number of SM-A510. With this in mind, we are of the belief that the leaked phone with model number SM-A430U is probably a Samsung Galaxy A4.

The leaks were spotted on India’s import and export listing site Zauba and while the initial leaks only revealed that the phone had a price tag of $478 and that the purpose of being imported to India was something to do with R&D evaluation, new leaks confirm more features of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy A4

Just this past week, Zauba went ahead to list more details about the purported Samsung Galaxy A4. This time, it showed that four more units of the phone with model number SM-A430U had been shipped to India for testing purposes. Unlike the previous listing that only included minor details of the phone, this time, the import-export site included the screen size of the phone.

If the new listing on Zauba is to be believed, Samsung Galaxy A4 will feature a 5.5-inch display screen, probably with 1080p Full HD resolution. Interestingly, the pricing of the phone has dropped from the previous $478 to $356. We have no info on the hardware specs of the Galaxy A4, but we will keep track of the phone’s progress and bring you more on the same.

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