Rumor: Samsung is Testing a 6-inch Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

While most Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leaks and rumors have been agreeing on one thing – a 5.8-inch curved dual-edge display panel with QHD resolution, the latest reports seem to be contradicting everything we think we know so far about the display size of the upcoming Samsung phablet.

Apparently, new leaks suggest that Samsung is possibly testing a variant of the Galaxy Note 7 with a huge 6-inch screen size. However, what is still unclear here is the type of screen to be used, whether it will be a flat or curved display. The news comes in through India’s import and export listing website – Zauba. The emerging details show that a device has come from South Korea to India with model number SM-930R4. The details on the listing show that the phone has a display size of 6 inches.

SO, why is this a possible variant of the Galaxy Note 7? Well, one thing that seems confirmed is the model number of the upcoming phablet. The device is expected to bear the number SM-930 and given the leaked number, it is possible that this is a variant of the same phone, but with a slightly larger display panel. Another possibility is that Samsung is simply testing a prototype and there is nothing really fancy about it, meaning the company will in the long run stick with the expected 5.8-inch display size. It is also possible that Zauba made a serious error with its listings. Still, there is really not enough evidence around to start asserting that Samsung is indeed working on a 6-inch variant of the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Will this change the specs of the phone, just in case it happens? Probably not. The rumored specs of the Galaxy Note 7 will make it one of the top devices in 2016. These include the latest Snapdragon SoC, 6GB RAM and onboard storage of up to 256GB. An iris scanner is also expected to add to the phone’s security layer, which already consists of passwords and a fingerprint sensor. The S-Pen stylus is also expected to be updated with newer features and capabilities.

With Samsung yet to say a word on the features or specs that will be included in the Note 7, it is better to be skeptic about lots of these leaks, rumors, and reports.

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