Rumor: Samsung Unveils 8GB RAM Modules, May Feature in Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S8

A lot of pressure is on Samsung as it looks for ways to come back stronger with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge following the debacle brought about by the Galaxy Note 7.

Given the high expectations that consumers had for the Note 7, a lot of attention has been directed to the company’s smartphone business, with many seemingly forgetting that this is not the only product from Samsung. Alongside the smartphone business, Samsung also produces memory chips.

In the latest discovery, Samsung has been working on a new 8GB LPDDR4 RAM that is set to be combined with the recently announced 10nm chipsets that are meant for the 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge. This will make these modules the most compact and high-capacity memory chipsets all over the world. With such a huge RAM, it will also be possible for these devices to come with huge onboard storage options, something close to the 500GB that has been touted for the Microsoft Surface Phone.

The world has been moving towards VR and AR. With Google having already launched the Daydream VR platform, it is time for OEMs to start coming in with compatible devices. One way of doing this is equipping smartphones with faster RAM chips that will support extensive multitasking as well as VR, AR, and 4K video streaming capabilities.

We have seen gaming consoles up their RAM sizes in order to accommodate better games and high-quality content – this is the same direction that smartphones are set to take now that there is an 8GB RAM chip.

Galaxy S8 Edge Dual Cameras

Keep in mind that this announcement doesn’t confirm that Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge handsets will come with 8GB RAM. If anything, it is only now that we are expecting to see the first 6GB RAM smartphone from Samsung, which is the Galaxy C9 Pro. This is despite the fact that 6GB RAM modules have been here since 2015. In short, it is possible that this new RAM chip could hit Samsung Galaxy phones in 2018, so don’t get your hopes too high.

If Samsung sticks to the Note series and brings in a Galaxy Note 8 in 2017, it is possible we could see this new 8GB RAM in action, however, there have been rumors that the Note 7 could be the end of the Note series from the South Korean tech giant.

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