Rumors: Apple iPhone 7 Set to Make Its Debut on September 16

iPhone 7

After several months of leaks and rumors, it is almost official that the Apple iPhone 7 will be available for pre-order on September 9 before deliveries are likely to begin on September 16.

The Apple iPhone 7 will be of massive importance to the company since it comes at a time when sales have been down for two consecutive quarters for the first time since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. There is clear evidence that consumers are starting to look at alternatives after having initially taken to the screen size increase with the iPhone 6.

The presence of excellent alternatives like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge could also be a factor, but the lack of new cutting-edge innovations on the iPhone – like in the past – could be one of the biggest factors. The recent generations of the Apple iPhone have not brought anything new to the plate. Most of the features seen in the recent generations have already featured in several android phones a long while ago.

Apple iPhone 7

It is heavily rumored that the upcoming iPhone will come with no headphone jack, which has become one of the most common features on a smartphone in the last decade. Doing away with this feature is almost certain to alienate a section of the fans, but it remains to be seen if Apple will find a way to comfortably go beyond this feature and provide a real alternative. At present, the only way of shrinking smartphones lower than 6.5 mm in thickness would be to eliminate the headphone jack. Apple’s intentions to offer one of the world’s thinnest smartphones may be a reason behind eliminating this feature, but it should not be at a compromise to the battery size.

One of the latest rumors suggest that the Apple iPhone 7 is likely to have a home button similar to the one used in several android counterparts – a capacitive rather than a physical button. However, it may have the ability to provide vibrations based on the pressure of input and could work in a similar way to the touch ID feature. It would not be a surprise to see this aspect make its debut on the iPhone 7 given that it has already been seen in the MacBook lineup. The biggest attraction on the Apple iPhone 7 maybe the availability of several colors unlike before. The phone could be available in gold, space grey, silver, rose gold, and space black.

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