Rumors on Apple iPhone 8: OLED Screen and Delayed Release

iPhone 8 OLED

The latest rumors on Apple’s iPhone 8 are related with the OLED screen and the delay in release.

The latest speculations are about which of the new iPhone 8 devices will come with the OLED screen, problems with the production of the iPhone 8 and the delay in the release.

Making the Jump

It is rumored that the Apple iPhone 8 will finally be making the jump to the OLED screens and finally become on par with the flagship devices of Android. The supply chain numbers of Apple seem to be pointing out to the success of the vivid OLED screen technology. However, according to Brooke Crothers from Forbes, half of the new iPhone 8 versions could be having the OLED screen technology. The total plan for production of iPhones in 2017 seems to be around 100 to 110 million, so OLED screens will be present on around 50% of these, whereas the earlier estimates was around 33%, according to Morgan Stanley.

Apple iPhone 8

Change in Mix

It is now being wondered as to what caused the change in the mix from a proposed 33% for OLED screens to 50%. Is it possible that Apple will be selling more number of iPhone 8 devices or could it be that the OLED screens will be offered for the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus as well. It seems more likely that the latter is the case.

Delay in Release

Another subject that could be relevant to the number of screens of iPhone 8 coming with OLED technology is the arrival date of the device. There are rumors suggesting that there is a delay in the production of the iPhone 8 devices. The rumors have been backed up with other details coming in through Ming Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst. It is possible that the iPhone 8 will only arrive by November this year.

Delay and OLED Technology

According to Neil Hughes, the analyst from KGI Securities has stated that the production of the iPhone 8 could be delayed to October or even November 2017. This is later than the usual date of August or September for new flagship phones from Apple. According to Ming Chi Kuo, the delay could be because of difficulties in production. He has also issued a warning to investors regarding a supply shortage of Apple’s flagship device for this year. The shortage could continue for some time, and this would lead to capping of shipments in the later part of 2017.

Apple iPhone 8

The launch of the iPhone 8 this year could be delayed due to the fact that there are many other mobile devices that are also making use of the OLED screen technology. A seamless and large screen will probably be a major selling point for high-end mobile devices, according to Kuo. This will leave the LCD based smart devices behind in the race. The shortage of the iPhone 8 devices this year could also be on account of other production problems connected with the wireless charging features and printed circuit boards.