Rumors: AT&T to Release Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Soon

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are already on the market following their March 11 official arrival. With the tech world filled with rumors of the expected Samsung Galaxy Note 6, new rumors have begun surfacing with respect to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.

Last year, AT&T came in with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active smartphone just featured almost everything similar to the flagship Galaxy S6, but with differences in build material, battery capacity and a few other areas such water and dust resistance that made it unique. Usually, the more resistant Active version follows the release of the flagship Galaxy S. So, this rumor might probably be up to something here as the Galaxy S7 is now a month old since it was announced.

One thing that drives people to the Active version of the Galaxy flagships is the bigger battery and more resistant case. Now that there are rumors of a possible Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, many will be happy to learn that this device is actually coming. To make the rumor sound a little credible, it comes from popular smartphone leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks), someone who has done it more than once with different smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active has loads of fans already and the news of an upgraded version in the shape of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active will drive enthusiasts crazy. This is even great news for Samsung given that the Galaxy S7 has reportedly sold more than 10 million handsets in China alone. With an Active version, which also boasts a significant following, Samsung will be in a much better position to revitalize its dwindling smartphone business.

AT&T currently testing Samsung Galaxy S7 Active codenamed SM-G891A

As mentioned earlier, AT&T released Samsung Galaxy S6 Active last year. This device was codenamed SM-G890A, with the ‘A’ prefix standing for Active. In the latest reports coming from Evan Blass, the leaker claims that AT&T is currently testing a smartphone with a codenamed SM-G891A, which is basically the rumored Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

At the moment, it appears that the tests are being carried out in India. If this actually materializes, it won’t be long before Samsung Galaxy S7 Active hits the stores. As mentioned earlier, this device comes with almost everything that the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with but adds more robustness and other tiny changes.

One exciting thing about the Galaxy S7 Active is the battery size. Last year’s S6 Active had a battery capacity of 3500mAh compared to the 2550mAh on the flagship Galaxy S6. It will be interesting to see what this year’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Active battery capacity will be given that the flagship model has 3000mAh battery capacity.

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