Rumors: HTC and Huawei in Competition to Build The 2016 Google Nexus Phones

2016 Google Nexus

HTC is reportedly in discussions to build the next generation Nexus phones from Google.

The Nexus phones have had a growing fan following in recent years. Keen to spread the advantage, Google came out with two variants of the Nexus phones in 2015. It seems that the company is keen to preserve this strategy for the upcoming generation as well. HTC is rumored to have developed a new phone running on Android N and that is speculation that this could be the 2016 Nexus handset.

The Taiwanese giant, though, is facing competition from Huawei. The 2016 Google Nexus could come with new features like a snapdragon 820 processor, which would be coupled with 4 GB of RAM. These are almost the standard specifications for high-end devices. It represents a slight improvement over the predecessor, which came with a snapdragon 810 processor and 3 GB of RAM. There is likely to be only marginal difference when using the device, as Google has made android far lighter than ever before.

2016 Google Nexus Phone

Yet, these specifications are required if the phone is going to run the android N operating system without any hiccups. Aside from the wave of new features seen on the android marshmallow, this new operating system is also expected to bring aspects like multi window. This is expected to be the biggest consumer of memory on the upcoming version of android, which will be released before the end of 2016. It is most likely that the new operating system will be available first on the Nexus family of devices from Google.

Rumors are that Google are planning to launch this new operating system in September, which should give HTC enough time to prepare a new device capable of replacing the Nexus 6P. There are also suggestions that HTC may back out owing to struggles within the company’s portfolio. Despite coming with a slew of launches especially in the US markets over the last few months, HTC has received only lukewarm response for its higher end HTC 10 model. The company may want to focus on the line-up rather than build phones for other companies.

This decision could see Huawei stepping into the party. The company has been building great phones in recent years with the Huawei P9 an excellent example in its portfolio. Rumors are that the 2016 Google Nexus phone could lower the screen size to 5.7 inches.

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