Rumors: iPhone 7 Pro to Mimic Samsung Galaxy Note 6

iPhone 7 Pro

It’s just a few months and the iPhone 7 will be here. As usual, the period before the release of not just a new iPhone, but also any flagship device, is often full of speculations, rumors leaks; some of which end up being true while others remain to be what they are – rumors and speculations.

As far as the iPhone 7 is concerned, a lot has been doing rounds, be it on social media or on dedicated tech sites. Word has it that the new iPhone series will come in with more than the two variants that have become a normal happening. If it is true, we might see an iPhone 7 Pro add to the expected standard iPhone 7 and the phablet iPhone 7 Plus.

In other contrasting rumors, it has been speculated that Apple will come in with two models, but this time, the larger 5.5-inch model will be marketed as an iPhone 7 Pro instead of the Plus moniker. Well, as for now, all we can say is that these are just rumors, but at times, not everything is a rumor, especially when it comes from notable and reliable sources such as OnLeaks.

iPhone 7 Pro may include Apple Pencil

Apparently, some believe that one of the upcoming variants of the iPhone 7 will take after Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy Note 6 for that matter. If this is true, we might see an iPhone 7 Pro that features an Apple Pencil. The Pencil, although with a different name, is an indicator that Apple has given into the stylus world. Initially, the company saw them as no good and while Cupertino might have debuted the device with its iPad Pro lineup, it won’t be a surprise to see the Pencil making its way to one of the iPhone 7 variants.

iPhone 7 Pro

According to Slash Gear’s revelation, the rumored iPhone 7 Pro might be targeting not just Samsung Galaxy Note 5, but also the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6. However, the site claims that the Pencil will probably not have a hole to fit into on the iPhone 7 Pro like with the case of Samsung Galaxy Note series.

With the inclusion of a stylus-like accessory, it is obvious that Apple will be targeting productivity with the new phablet. The Galaxy Note series has been such a success with its uniqueness in the shape of a stylus pen for writing notes rather than typing them. It seems Apple seriously wants a share of this market.

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