Rumors: LG G6 to Skip OLED Technology due to Panel Production Constraints

LG G6 OLED Technology

LG are reportedly considering the possibility of doing away with the curved display on the LG G6 if new rumors are to be believed.

This next generation phone will succeed the LG G5, which has received a lot of positive responses already. In order to generate even further interest on the upcoming phone, LG had to come up with something brilliant and potentially matching the technology on the Samsung Galaxy S8. The presence of a curved display panel has been rumored heavily for this yet to be announced phone.


The South Korean company has been one of the top names when it comes to manufacturing or using curved display panels. They have made their presence felt in the television sets manufactured by LG. It was rumored that the LG G6 would offer a curved display panel with OLED technology. The year 2017 promises to be an interesting one for OLED panels. Apple are reportedly set to offer this panel as a major upgrade on the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. In the scenario, it would have been beneficial for LG to offer this technology on the LG G6.

However, new reports have surfaced claiming that LG have planned to skip on this technology for the time being. One of the primary reasons has been quoted as the inability to manufacture the quantity of panels required within the scheduled launch date of the phone. The LG G6 is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2017. At present, LG is in full capacity to realize the dream of having the first OLED phone. However, they are starting to realize that the inability to meet the launch deadline could have massive implications with the Samsung Galaxy S8 set to come early.

LG G6 OLED Technology

LG also has reportedly developed a magnetic wireless charging technology, which will make its debut on the LG G6. However, once again this remains as a rumor and there is every possibility that the device could undergo several changes by the time it becomes official. It is someone that the magnetic wireless charging technology will be able to charge even three phones within a distance of around 2 cm from the charger. LG also failed to clarify any rumors about the LG G6 also being a modular smartphone just like the LG G5.

The South Korean company remains aware that it has to break the stranglehold of Samsung in the smartphone segment before starting to make a real difference.

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