Rumors: Motorola Moto M and Lenovo P2 Release Date on November 8

lenono p2

The Moto M was recently spotted in leaked pictures and videos, and they have shown an extremely promising device in the lineup of Motorola.

Lenovo has been quite busy in enhancing the Motorola lineup with new smartphones. The Moto M will not be a pure top of the range device. Instead, it will try to position itself between the new Moto Z line-up and the Moto G4 Plus. It was previously thought that Lenovo will not offer this device until December, but new leaked documents suggest that the device can be launched as early as on November 8.

lenono p2

Aside from the Moto M, it is also reported that Lenovo will launch the Lenovo P2 that was previewed at the recent IFA conference. Both these devices at set to be mid-range competitors offering different sets of features. The snapdragon 625 processor is expected to be powering both these two devices. The 14 nm chipset offers a lot of efficiency while being powerful at the same time. It is a huge improvement over the snapdragon 615 series phones in the mid-range devices up until now.

The Samsung Galaxy C7 was one of the first devices to show the amazing efficiency of this new processor. It is clear that the Moto M and Lenovo P2 will be able to take even better advantage thanks to the rumored 5100 mAh battery. If the former does come with this battery, it would be the battery life King of the smartphone segment. As of now, smartphones with even close to 4000 mAh offer excellent battery life and one can only imagine the kind of range a battery of this size can provide.

Both devices are expected to be similar in terms of displays, as they are rumored to use the 5.5 inch panels with 1080p resolution. A major difference is set to occur in this area with the Moto M said to use the cheaper LCD panels and the Lenovo P2 offering the more expensive AMOLED panels. The Moto M will be available with 32 GB or 64 GB internal storage which will also modify the amount of RAM that ships with the phone. In the case of the former, only 3 GB will be offered while 4 GB of RAM will be present in the 64 GB version.

moto m

The Lenovo P2 could be the better of the two in the imaging department due to the use of a Sony sensor. The Lenovo more or less expected to have a 13-megapixel rear camera and a five-megapixel front camera. The Moto M goes for different specifications in this regard, as it is rumored to have a 16-megapixel rear camera and a five or eight-megapixel front camera. Memory card support and the fingerprint reader are expected to enhance the value of the two phones. In the case of the Moto M, the fingerprint sensor is expected to be located in the back while the Lenovo P2 will position this sensor on the front.

Prices of the two devices are expected to be on par with each other.

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