Rumors: Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Set for Launch in August

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Samsung is about to come out with the latest generation Samsung Galaxy Note series a few weeks before August.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been around since August 2015 and it is fast approaching its expiry date as one of the top devices in the Samsung portfolio. The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is fast approaching its launch date according to new rumors, which predict that the phone may be launched before August. Samsung may be recording the launch date in anticipation of the new Apple iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

These phones are expected to get quite a lot of headlines even with a phone like the Galaxy Note 6 around. Up until now, Samsung has traditionally stuck with the Berlin IFA trade show in order to launch the Galaxy Note series phones. However, the event is scheduled only in September and Samsung could launch the new phone on August 15 according to new rumors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 2016

The phone will come with class leading specifications in every regard. This will start with the snapdragon 823 processor while also becoming the first phone to offer 6 GB of RAM. The previous generation Galaxy Note devices had a major role to play in increasing the RAM quantity with every year. Going beyond the 4 GB mark will be a significant step and it should help multitasking tremendously. Even though android has been optimized to run on phones with lower specifications than ever before, phones like the Galaxy Note 6 will show how the operating system is intended to be run.

Samsung Focus is thought to be one of the features to be introduced on the new Galaxy Note 6. Similar to the BlackBerry Hub found in the BB10, Samsung are thought to be very confident about the new feature being well-received. This is likely to be promoted as one of the standout aspects on the Galaxy Note 6.

Samsung are reportedly going to offer 256 GB of storage on the device. Screen size will be increased slightly to 5.8 inches, although it may not result in an increase in the size of the phone as a whole. In fact, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 maybe a tad smaller in terms of dimensions due to the reduction in bezel sizes. This will be a welcome addition considering that the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which went for a similar philosophy, has been well-received.

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