Rumors: Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to Offer Larger Screen and 6 GB of RAM

Samsung Galaxy Larger Screen

The Samsung Galaxy Note series began the art of popularizing phablets, which seemed to have gone forever.

The company took full advantage of the ever-growing need for a larger display. However, it managed to integrate a stylus in such a way that it was helpful – not an inconvenience – when compared with the predecessors of more than a decade ago. It is a reason for the Galaxy Note phones being incredibly successful. The latest Galaxy Note 5 remains true to this word, but Samsung is already in the process of coming out with the Galaxy Note 6.

The amount of leaked and rendered images about the Galaxy Note 6 in the last few months have been enormous. They are a perfect tool to gauge the interest amongst consumers. Recent benchmarks suggested that the Galaxy Note 6 will feature a larger display compared to the processor. This will be the first increase in the screen size of the Galaxy Note series since the Note 2 arrived on the scene in 2012. Back then, this device came with a 5.5-inch screen. It was increased to a 5.7 inch display on the Note 3 and it has been the standard size since then.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Rumors suggest that the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 will provide a 5.8 inch display. This marginal improvement in screen size is unlikely to cause many issues with regard to handling the phone. In fact, the device is expected to be much easier going by the experience on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Galaxy Note phones were also one of the first to come with 4 GB of RAM. Now that the 64-bit architecture of Android has become more common, Samsung is ready to step up the game by offering 6 GB of RAM on the Galaxy Note 6. They will be backed by the powerful Exynos 8890 processor, which is already present on the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge.

There is expected to be a decent amount of water resistance without the use of flaps. Alleged screenshots of the Galaxy Note 6 benchmark tests also revealed that the phone was running on Android 6.0. Since Samsung is not expected to launch this new phone until before September, there is a very good chance of seeing Android N make its debut in the Samsung line-up through the Galaxy Note 6.

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