Rumors Surrounding Next Generation Apple iPhone 7 – Round up of Expected Enhancements and Improvements

Apple iPhone 7

Apple is expected to launch the next generation iPhone 7 in September this year.

It is the tradition of the company to release the new phone in September, and according to the traditional naming, fans are expecting to see the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, as is usual.

Speculating On the Differences

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the new generation of iPhones for this year. Here are some of the expected differences, as compared to the previous iPhone 6S and iPhone 6.

Change in Design

The design is expected to be the same as the previous phones, though it is actually a year for redesigning. The antenna strips seen on the back might move over upward, to offer a clean look. There are also some rumors that its headphone jack will be eliminated completely and replaced with Lightning Only with an additional speaker.

Waterproofing feature is also expected and it is said that the home button is to undergo a change, being replaced with capacitive button having Force Touch abilities.

Camera Speculation

There is much talk regarding the dual lens feature for the iPhone 7, but this could also be available only for the Plus variant. Some rumors claim that it will come with a 12 MP regular sensor. However, the performance will be improved, especially in dim light conditions, so the aperture could be wider. The Retina Flash and the Live Photos on the rear might continue on the next generation phone.

iPhone 7

New Processor

The hardware is sure to see a change, with the new phone coming with a processor, probably called A10. The new chipset will enhance the battery life of the device, coming with 6 cores. Some other rumors state that it will have a RAM of 2 GB or 3 GB, with a basic storage variant of 32 GB. The 16GB version will probably be ditched this time. As for the battery, it is expected to come with wireless charging feature, though it is difficult to see how this will work with its metal body.

Expected Software Changes

The upcoming iPhone will come with the iOS 10, announced at the WWDC this year. Apple has announced some new features accompanying the new software, which includes a revamping of the messages feature. There might also be a new passcode system, based on gestures.

Improvement on Previous Phones

The iPhone 7 will, no doubt, offer several improvements and enhanced features when compared to its predecessors. It is likely to look the same as the previous phones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S, but there will be several internal changes, to the hardware and the software. The battery and the camera will come with changes. However, all this is mere speculation and there are no confirmed news reports regarding the iPhone 7. There will surely be more news regarding the much-awaited iPhone 7, so keep all eyes peeled for confirmations.

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