Rumors: Xiaomi Mi5 Mini in the Works – Here’re the Specs and Pricing Details

Xiaomi Mi5 Mini

After releasing the flagship Xiaomi Mi5, the latest word on the streets claims that the Chinese OEM is also working on a smaller version of this phone dubbed Xiaomi Mi5 Mini.

According to the rumor, the phone will still be powered by the latest Snapdragon 820 SoC, just like its flagship counterpart. To even back up this story, the reports have emerged with photos of the supposed Mi5 Mini. Here’s what we know so far.

From the leaked render, there is little we can say about the design of the Xiaomi Mi5 Mini, however, it seems as if a glass panel will be used in the front part. The phone is also rumored to be coming with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button just below the display.

Apparently, the new Xiaomi Mi5 Mini will come in with a 4.3-inch display unit that features an HD resolution of 720p. This translates to a pixel density of 341ppi, which is great for a device of its size. What makes this phone an even better handset to have is the fact that it is rumored to be coming with a Snapdragon 820 SoC – the latest flagship chipset for smartphones.

However, there are reports that claim the chipset will not have the same speed as the one used on the larger Xiaomi Mi5, instead, it will run at a speed of 1.84GHz, but still a quad-core. As for the RAM, you will get the same 3GB used on the standard Mi5 (Xiaomi Mi5 Pro has 4GB of RAM) while the internal storage will be 32GB. There are chances that a microSD card slot might not be featured on this phone.

Xiaomi Mi5 Mini

As far as photography is concerned, the Xiaomi Mi5 Mini will reportedly come with a 13MP primary camera, however, it will be missing optical image stabilization – a feature that is slowly becoming a standard for quite a number of smartphones. While there is no mention of the front snapper’s megapixel count, it might be around 5MP.

The 4.3-inch HD panel will be kept alive with a 2350mAh battery unit that can be charged using fast charging technology. While the release date is still unclear, the phone is expected to be available to the Chinese market at a price of about $273. Just like the rest of its smartphones, the only way of getting your hands on this phone might be through direct shipping from China.

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