Samsung A8 2018 Edition has 18:9 Display and Thankfully Retains 3.5mm Jack

Samsung A8 2018 Edition

Almost every major manufacturer is moving towards the coveted 18:9 aspect ratio as they opine it gives more screen space, better multimedia experience and aesthetics for the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 edition is about to become future proof as revealed by its design diagram.

The Galaxy A series has been around for nearly three years now. Every year, the manufacturer will upgrade the smartphone with latest features such as better fingerprint sensor, improved battery, a new processor and so on. This year, they are finally making the big leap to provide USB Type C port which is a welcome addition.

Samsung A8 2018 Edition Display

Users no longer have to struggle with the outdated USB ports which still causes a lot of confusion on which side you should plug it in to. Similarly, the new Galaxy A8 2018 edition is expected to be available in two different variants. One of them is the Galaxy A8 while another is the Galaxy A8+. Both these variants will be made available before end of 2017 in select markets while other regions will eventually receive them.

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A hands-on video has been published on Youtube providing a brief intro on how the Samsung phone would look like and it looks very promising without questions. The biggest upgrade that you could look forward to this year is the 18:9 aspect ratio for the display. It may create black bars on the videos you watch but the aesthetics of the phone and its overall display size will be more appealing than the previous version of the smartphone used to be.

The layout of the phone has been well thought out to provide great grip, has all the necessary ports placed ergonomically so that your fingers could reach them instantly. The Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+ will be available in single SIM and dual SIM variants.The hardware of the devices is expected to be nearly the same even though the display size, camera may slightly vary on the Plus variant.

Samsung A8 2018 Edition Display and 3.5mm Jack

Samsung has hit the jackpot with their flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8 and the newly launched Note8. Both devices are selling very well in the market despite the competition posed by the Apple iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2 smartphones. The company has to continue doing what they are good at by offering both midrange devices like the Galaxy A8 and innovate with the upcoming Galaxy S9 which is set for 2018 launch.

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