Samsung Cloud will no longer support App data Backup and Restore beginning from January 2018

Samsung Cloud

Last year came with mixed performances from Samsung’s mobile division. In terms of hardware, the company had some of the best smartphones in the shape of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, but it also had the worst hardware of the year in the shape of Galaxy Note 7.

Speaking of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the phone might not have enjoyed the success the company expected, but on the software side of things, this is the phone that brought some of the best features to Samsung phones. It all started with the secure folder, but it is the Samsung Cloud feature that without a doubt stole the show.

Many people will agree that Apple is the best when it comes to providing users with complete backups through iCloud. However, with Samsung Cloud, the company made a huge step towards solving one of Android’s biggest problems – the backup/restore feature.

As you may have guessed, Samsung Cloud is meant to help users of Samsung Galaxy phones create backups of first-party Samsung apps like Contacts and Calendar as well as a few other third-party apps. The service offers 15GB of storage space, much like Google does with Drive, allowing users’ apps to continuously back up data and thus keep all synced devices together.

For instance, when you receive a text message via the SMS app, this message can be retrieved on any other device via Samsung Cloud as long as auto back-up is enabled. The story is the same when it comes to other app data such as keyboard data, user settings, and homescreen layouts, among others. This way, you don’t have to sweat over moving to a new device because all the data is backed up in the cloud. The Samsung Cloud backup doesn’t end here, but you can also upload and sync other personal data such as photos, videos, documents and even music.

Looking at all that Samsung Cloud can do, there’s no doubt that this is one feature users of supported Samsung Galaxy phones are enjoying. However, there’s one major change coming to the feature starting this coming January. According to the Korean company, starting January 11, 2018, Samsung Cloud will no longer support App data Backup and Restore functionality that allows users to create backups of all app data and restore it whenever they moved to a new device.

This is without a doubt disappointing, especially since the ability to back up app data and restore it when you moved to a new device made the entire process of switching to a new Samsung phone such a breeze.

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