Samsung Contemplating Idea of Sourcing Batteries from LG for Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8

Samsung appears to be extremely keen on ensuring that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 remains trouble-free.

They are even prepared to go to the extent of collaborating with one of their main competitors on a global scale – LG. Up until now, Samsung has primarily relied on two sources SDI and ATL for its battery requirements. The initial prognosis from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issues pointed the blame at SDI batteries, but extensive research now seems to have found that ATL batteries are also susceptible to explosions.

Samsung Idea from LG

After having had to permanently withdrawn at Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from the market, Samsung is under a lot of pressure to make the Samsung Galaxy S8 successful on a global scale. If the Galaxy S8 also was to face similar issues, it would lead to a severe loss of reputation and revenue. The South Korean electronics giant is already facing lost revenues of around $5 billion as a result of the Galaxy Note 7 going out of production. Samsung believes that the company will be able to regain the lost reputation with a lot of care going into the Galaxy S8.

LG Chem makes batteries primarily for its parent company LG and Samsung are reportedly considering the possibility of striking a deal. However, none of the talks have been official and it still remains to be seen if LG will entertain such an arrangement.

There are already several rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 features. The device looks set to be the first from Samsung to offer a 4K display panel on a smartphone. In order to handle the insane amount of pixels, Samsung will be using the latest snapdragon 830 processor. Incidentally, Samsung is working along with Qualcomm in order to make this processor. The VR functionality being given a lot of support in the latest android updates will only heavily boost this element on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8

Up until the phone arrives at the Mobile World Congress in February, Samsung has to rely on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge as the competitor for phones like the iPhone 7. Aware of the situation, Samsung recently pushed out several updates to the Galaxy S7 Edge in order to bring some of the recently announced Galaxy Note 7 features like improvements to the Always On display. Some price cuts will also make the Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 attractive over other competitors.

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