Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 2017 Editions Now on Sale in Russia

Samsung Galaxy A7

The Samsung Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 – 2017 Editions are already available for purchase in Russia.

Based on the pricing in Rubles, the Russian currency, we can deduce an approximate pricing for these phones.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Bringing a series of popular devices to Russia first is a unique marketing move Samsung has adopted this time around. The new Galaxy A series phones are available and they are so promising that it’s easy to grab the top spots in 2017 already. The phones get upgraded with IP68 water resistance and dust resistance capabilities. These features are must have for most users as they tend to carry their smartphone at all times, in varying climatic conditions. If these phones could work as intended in the cold Russian weather, they would work great in almost all other countries. UK buyers can now pre-order the phone.

The USB Type-C port is another basic requirement for all 2017 devices, be it smartphones, laptops or tablets. Most old generation USB cables and ports are being rid of except for those found in desktop computers. The Galaxy A7, A5 and A3 will use Type-C and is expected to have quick charging capabilities, another important feature buyers look for from modern devices.

The phones will sport 16-megapixel camera combined with an floating shutter button on the camera. It’s much easier to place it anywhere you like when focusing on objects or groups. Trying to reach for that button that’s located in the far corner is always a tedious task. Samsung has finally got rid of this annoying thing and replaced it with something that’s small yet very useful for photography lovers. There’s also this always on display technology which might take a toll on the battery but will be a convenient feature to have.

Samsung Galaxy A series

According to a post made on Sammobile, the Russian retailer website has posted the Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 edition with a price tag of 32,990 rubles which is $555, Galaxy A5 2017 edition at 27,990 rubbles at $471 when converted and the Galaxy A3 2017 edition at 22,990 rubles – $387 based on current market rates. The conversion may not be accurate but we can say for sure that Samsung will not price them too high than these proposed pricing so as to properly fill the entry level and mid-range tiers. The models should be available in other regions in the following weeks. If you are planning to buy one, the Blue variant is the best looking of them all.

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