Samsung Galaxy C7 Becomes Official with 5.7 Inch Display

Galaxy C7

Just a day after the Samsung Galaxy C5 became official, the Galaxy C range has received a new addition with the Samsung Galaxy C7.

The specifications of the device seemed to be leaked a few hours before the official launch of the device. The device will be a contender in the mid-range segment with very few new aspects making to the specifications list. However, the design language in itself is a pleasure with the device reminiscent of many high end products from the company.

Offering a 5.7-inch screen with 1080p resolution, the Samsung Galaxy C7 is capable of excelling in all areas where mid-range devices have usually struggled. The problem area for mid-range phones has been the lack of detail and inability to provide the same user experience in direct sunlight.

Samsung is offering an extremely healthy 4 GB of RAM. This makes the Samsung Galaxy C7 as one of the first in the segment to provide this amount of RAM. Crossing the 4 GB mark is also extremely vital since it means support for the 64-bit operating system for the first time. One may consider as mid-range devices as perfect candidates to continue offering the 16 GB internal storage option as something of a luxury. Since Android takes up a bulk of the internal memory, it is played well on the part of Samsung to equip the phone with a standard 32 GB and 64 GB option.

Samsung Galaxy C7

Since the Samsung Galaxy C7 offers the ability to expand storage using microSD cards, it is unlikely that users will be left wanting for more space on the device. MicroSD card support is available only when the second SIM slot on the device is free. This dual SIM device uses the second SIM slot as a way to expand storage.

Just like in several other phones from Samsung in recent times, the Samsung Galaxy C7 comes with a rear 16-megapixel camera. The front camera has an equally brilliant eight-megapixel sensor. Thus, the imaging capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy C7 are of the highest order leaving users with little to complain in terms of the quality or the features available.

The Samsung Galaxy C7 is equipped with a larger 3300 mAh battery, which may not be a luxury considering the 5.7-inch screen. The device will be available in stores from June with a pricing of around $400.

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