Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 is Now Official – Here’re the Specs and Features

Galaxy J2 2016

Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 is now official, being the latest member to join the ever-growing list of Galaxy J handsets in India.

Apparently, the Galaxy J2 2015 has been identified as one of the best-selling handsets in the budget category. With the release of the 2016 version, Samsung is hopeful that the handset will pick up from where last year’s version left off. As a result, the Korean tech giant has packed the phone with bumped-up specs and features from all aspects, both software, and hardware.

One of the most notable additions to the Galaxy J2 2016 is the Smart Glow notification ring that is located on the phone’s rear. It is possible to customize the appearance of the ring with respect to different contacts and apps. If anything, the Smart Glow ring is a better option over the notification LEDs. It offers other functionalities such as notifying you when data limits are exceeded or when the battery is low.

Apart from the Smart Glow notification ring, Samsung also added a feature known as Turbo Speed Technology (TST) to the Galaxy J2 2016. With this technology, Samsung will be boosting the 1.5GHz Spreadtrum SoC and 1.5GB RAM that is packed under the hood of the Galaxy J2. Apparently, there are some optimizations that Samsung has made to the phone and SMS apps, making them lighter on the phone’s RAM. It gets even better as TST also helps in killing idle processes in the background to ensure that the phone’s memory is freed for better performance at all times.

Galaxy J2 2016

Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 also features an S Bike mode, a feature that made its debut with the Galaxy J3, but there is no NFC. As for the rest of the spec sheet, the budget phone has a 5-inch Super AMOLED display screen with 720p resolution. The back of the handset has an 8MP sensor and the front has a 5MP sensor while the internal storage is capped at 8GB. Still, this can be expanded via a microSD card of up to 128GB. There is 4G LTE connectivity on the dual-SIM phone while the battery unit is 2600mAh in size.

Of course, this spec sheet will not impress some people. But as mentioned earlier, the millions who already own the 2015 Galaxy J2 will appreciate the touches Samsung has made here and there with respect to the Galaxy J2 2016.

Samsung has priced the Galaxy J2 2016 at Rs. 9,750, which is about $145. The phone is expected to start selling in India as from July 14.

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