Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) vs. Moto G4 Plus Shootout

The war in the mid-range smartphone segment just got hotter after the launch of the Moto G4 Plus.

The new generation Moto G family sees the list of features grow bigger and better. It needs to, since the competition includes the likes of the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016.

Since Samsung borrows a lot of design cues from the more expensive models in the lineup, it is definitely the attractive of the two. However, both devices are almost on par with each other in terms of dimensions. The Moto G4 Plus feels better to hold even with the 5.5 inch display since the text back provides for better grip rather than the Galaxy J7 2016.

The similarities between the two phones arrive in terms of aspects like screen size. Both devices sport a 5.5-inch screen, but the similarity ends with the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 opting for the superior Super AMOLED technology versus the Moto G4 Plus, which comes with only IPS panels. Still, the display on the Moto G4 Plus is a tremendous improvement over its predecessors. Furthermore, the Moto G4 Plus has a big advantage of providing full HD resolution compared to 720p on the Galaxy J7 2016.


Even though the lower end models of the Moto G4 come with a 13-megapixel camera in the rear, the top end devices now have 16 megapixel sensors with laser auto focus and face detection. These are features seen only in the high-end devices up until now. The presence of laser autofocus means extremely quick focusing and the f/2.0 enhances the bokeh effect even further. The Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 has hit a 13-megapixel sensor in the rear, while the front camera is on par with the Moto G4 Plus spec list with a five-megapixel sensor.

Since the Moto G4 Plus has a larger aperture in both front and rear cameras, there has been tremendous improvement in terms of night photography. The presence of a fingerprint sensor is a big boost and Motorola claims that the device will unlock within 750 ms. In reality, the sensor is one of the fastest at this price point and can unlock the device from any angle. The Galaxy J7 does not provide fingerprint recognition features, but it offers a slightly bigger 3300 mAh battery compared to the 3000 mAh battery on the Moto G4 Plus. The two models are priced at around $220 for the top end versions.

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