Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Marshmallow Update – Have You Received the OS?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

One of the best-selling Note smartphones is Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Launched in 2014, this impressive piece of hardware has been termed by many as the last real Galaxy Note that Samsung released.

The main reason for this title is when Samsung opted to release a Galaxy Note 5 that had no microSD card support and lacked a removable battery, which are features had been used to define a real Android phone that is meant for productivity purposes like the Galaxy Note series is. The release of the Galaxy Note 7 saw the microSD card feature return, but the fate of the new phone has not been the best. In fact, we might never hear of the phone again after Samsung decided to halt its production.

Now that there is no Galaxy Note 7 to steal the show, attention is switching back to older Galaxy Note units, including the Galaxy Note 4. Of course, the device has less powerful specs than what has been used in the 2016 Samsung Galaxy handsets, but this doesn’t mean the Note 4 is a poor performer. In fact, you will love what the phone has to offer, be it the specs, camera, battery life and flexibility (it has a removable battery unit) or even the price, but you might not be impressed with the software aspect of the phone.

Apparently, there are still some units of the Galaxy Note 4 that are running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. This is a 2014 release and since then, Android Nougat has already hit the scene. While most carriers in the U.S. have already done their part, led by Sprint and T-Mobile (Verizon and AT&T followed later), it is only now that those on U.S. Cellular can update their Galaxy Note 4 units to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Galaxy Note 4

This is one year since the Marshmallow OS came to life and in fact, it is not U.S. Cellular alone that has yet to roll out the update. There is still quite a number of other Galaxy Note 4 units out there that have yet to be updated to Android Marshmallow, for instance, those using model number SM-N910H, the Asia-Pacific variant. Even checking for the availability of the manual update doesn’t yield a thing, meaning the update is not yet ready for the device in question.

Usually, OTA updates take time to reach all devices. However, unlocked phones are usually among the first to get the update. It is a surprise that an unlocked Galaxy Note 4 with model number SM-N910H has not yet received the Marshmallow update. So, whose fault is it that the update hasn’t arrived yet? Well, this is hard to tell, but given that each region receives the update at different times, it is possible that being an Asia-Pacific model could be part of the reason for the delay.

Nonetheless, you can keep on checking for the availability of the OS on your Note 4 via the Settings, at least until you receive the OTA notification.

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