Samsung Galaxy Note 5 June Security Updates Now Available

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Google releases monthly security patches that are aimed at keeping Android devices secure from malicious activities directed at them from different platforms.

The company has already availed the June Android security updates for all Android devices running on the latest operating system. But while this is happening, partner OEMs have also decided to take the same direction with monthly security updates and one of the major names in the industry to start doing so is Samsung.

The South Korean company has announced details of what it will be offering in the June security updates package that is already available for download. The company began disclosing some details of its monthly updates last year, but as it seems, it has resolved to give out the entire details of what the updates really bring about.

According to the latest release, the released Samsung security patch for June also includes everything from Google’s June Android Security Bulletin as well as a bunch of fixes that have been handled by the company itself. The purpose of this patch and other similar patches to come, according to Samsung, is to ensure that all Samsung flagships are kept safe. As a result, the company has included fixes of up to 9 holes, with the details published on the official security blog of the company.

As this is happening, those living in Australia have already started receiving this June security update on their Samsung Galaxy Note 5 units. However, this is only happening for the unlocked variant of the phablet. As pointed out earlier, the new update will bring along everything from Google’s June Android Security Bulletin as well as optimizations from the Korean company.

It had been reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users were experiencing an issue with their phones where anyone could easily bypass the phone’s lock screen via a standard USB cable. This update has come in with a fix for this issue and now Galaxy Note 5 users can sit knowing that no prying eyes can get near their personal information.

Galaxy Note 5

Just like many other software updates, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users in Australia will have to wait for an OTA notification. If this doesn’t come soon, you can check out for the update manually by going to Settings>About phone>Software update>Update now and get the security patch. Make sure your battery is at least 75% fully charged before proceeding with the update.

Since the update is only hitting the unlocked variants of Galaxy Note 5 units in the country, we expect the same to happen with other unlocked versions of the phone very soon. It might take some time before the update comes to carrier-based variants of the Note 5, but it will happen at some point before the end of this month.

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