Samsung Galaxy Note 6 – Recreation of What the Note 6 May Look Like

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

The Note 6 from Samsung is also rumored to be called as the Note 7, so that it is synchronized with the other S phones from Samsung Galaxy.

It is said that the phone could be launched around August 2nd of 2016. Evan Blass of @evleaks has tweeted that it will arrive in exactly 2 months from now, which means that the release is possible around the first week of August.

Recreated Image Features

The @OnLeaks has leaked out some blueprints. These have been combined with the uSwitch, three-dimensional skills, resulting in a recreation of what Samsung’s Note 6 could possible look like.

The recreated rendering shows that the device could have a dual curved screen, almost like the one on the S7 Edge. The device is a Note with the sheath for the S Pen found at the lower right corner. The size of the screen is possible 5.7 inches or even 5.8 inches. The micro USB 2.0 seems to have gone and in its place there is a new USB Type C at the bottom. This is the first time a Samsung device sports this Type C USB feature.


The Samsung Note 6 is narrow when compare do the predecessor, the Note 5 and between the Note 5 and the Samsung S7 Edge as far as size is concerned.  It has dimensions of 153.5 mm x 73.9 mm x 7.9 mm. These dimensions are different from the Note 5, as the latter is smaller at 153.2 mm x 76.1 mm and 7.6 mm thick.

Galaxy Note 6

The new Note 6 will be different from other Galaxy phones that have variants of flat or curved display. It will probably be released in only one variant of a curved screen, which will be a QHD, Super AMOLED one.

Other Interesting Specs

There is a group of sensors on the top of the screen and it is speculated that it is an alternative for fingerprint sensors and could be Iris tech, a recently launched technology. The display could be a dual edged one and a Snapdragon, 823 SoC, with a RAM of 6 GB and Android N out of the box, powers the phone. The Snapdragon 823 is similar to the 820 SoC, but the 823 clocks at a higher speed.

The 256 GB chips for memory are being produced in a mass scale, so it is likely that the phablet is being offered with this internal storage. It will also have a rear camera, a dual camera setup, at 12 MP with PDAF. The phone will come with an IP68 certification and will offer resistance to dust and water. It will have a battery of 4000 mAh and come with an iris scanner along with a fingerprint scanner.

Design Refinements

The @OnLeaks also shows some renders that hint at some fine design refinements. The next generation phablet is sleeker as well as curvier compared to the Note 5. This is similar to the way in which the S7 was sleeker than the S6. The camera bump for the Note 6 or the Note 7, as the case may be, is also slimmer. The bump is 0.8 mm, compared to the bigger 1.7mm of the Note 5.

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