Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date is the Key to Beating Apple’s iPhone 7 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The success of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge has put the Korean company in a stronger position that any of its competitors as far as the American market is concerned.

It is the early release of these two devices that has seen the company achieve this success in Q1 2016. In fact, the company surpassed Apple’s iPhone 6S sales in the U.S. during this period, something that should be worrying for Tim Cook and his team.

In a few months’ time, Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be unveiled to the public and the company will be happy to replicate the same success it did with the early launch of the S7 and S7 Edge. While the two S7 phones will keep the company’s numbers up there through Q2 2016, the Note 6 will be well positioned to take over from where the S7 will have left.

The key is the release date

While the Korean tech giant has remained silent on this matter, a key figure in the smartphone world, Evan Blass, has been bold enough to claim that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be in the United States during the week of August 15th. Even though this is just a mere speculation, Blass has some notable track record in such matters.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

If Blass is to be believed, it means the Note 6 will start selling at least four weeks ahead of the release of iPhone 7. If Tim Cook is not thinking about a sudden change in strategy, the iPhone 7 range should be here in September, with official sales commencing two weeks later.

Samsung has already seen the fruits of releasing its devices earlier than its closest rival. There is no doubt that it will repeat the same with the upcoming Note 6. However, with the rumor that Android N will be on board the phablet, Samsung might need more time just to get everything right with the new OS.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will probably be the first Samsung device to feature a RAM of 6GB, certifying the fact that the Note series is the company’s innovative platform. There are also reports that it may feature a dual-lens camera setup and an iris scanner, but these are still speculations.

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