Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery to be capped at 30% in Europe Starting Next Week

Galaxy Note 7

Despite the huge, red painting on the walls that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a hazardous device to still be carried around, a good number of people out there are still hanging onto this precious gem.

There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is, well, a precious gem – be it when looking at it from the elegance side of things or simply the pricing aspect. However, what has befallen the phone is something you don’t want to happen to you or someone you love. Samsung is looking out for you in the best way possible and in fact, the South Korean company is offering $100 incentives for those who return the Galaxy Note 7 and walk out with another Samsung Galaxy phone.

Galaxy Note 7

If you are one of those who hasn’t taken back the explosive Galaxy Note 7 and you reside in Europe, well, starting next week, December 15th, you will only be able to enjoy up to 30% of the 3500mAH battery installed on the phone. This update will take away half of what had been left following a similar update in the U.S., UK as well as Australia.

As at the time of this writing, more than 90% of all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets sold in Europe have been recovered, thanks partly to the update that capped the battery at 60%. With the latest move, Samsung is hopeful that it will recover the rest of the devices in a bid to keep its customers safe during this festive season.

This move comes after U.S. carriers issued out statements of their own, claiming that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users in these regions will be locked out of their devices starting December 15 all the way to January 8. More of the same story is also happening in Canada, where users will no longer be able to use Bluetooth and Wireless radios as well as access cellular connectivity using this handset.

Galaxy Note 7 Battery

Samsung is really determined to end the life of Galaxy Note 7, but America’s Verizon Wireless is not buying this idea, remaining defiant that it will not be rolling triggering the Note 7’s kill switch over this busy holiday travel season. Whether or not it will apply the update at some point in future remains to be seen, but it is highly possible.

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