Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Becomes Official with 5.7 Inch Display

Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has always showcased the best in terms of technology on an android smartphone and the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is no different. Officially launched by Samsung on August 2, the phone will be available for deliveries from August 19 in the United States.

It is filled with a dazzling array of specifications so much so that it is not surprising that Samsung has decided to skip the version 6 altogether. Opting for the Galaxy Note 7 name allows Samsung to place this phone in line with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S7.

There are several similarities between the Galaxy S7 range and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7. First and foremost is the use of a QHD resolution on a super AMOLED display. Even though the technology is similar, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with a mightily impressive 5.7-inch screen. It is significantly larger than the display on the Galaxy S7 Edge. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also could become the first phone to almost completely eliminate bezels on the side. This has been an immensely talked about concept in the smartphone segment for several years and it has become a reality on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Note 7

Even though the phone uses the same QHD resolution, it comes with HDR support through the display. This is a first for a mobile phone and it allows the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to display pictures with even better contrast ratios. Samsung has been considerably focusing on improving the features available on its S Pen. This stylus ranks as one of the key features behind the success of the Note series. The stylus now takes advantage of the water resistant capabilities on the device. This Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the first of its kind to come with IP 68 rating. More importantly, the stylus can be used underwater.

Some of the cool new features added to the stylus include a gif Creator tool, magnifier, and a translator tool. The phone comes with the latest snapdragon 820 processor – or some regions could receive the Exynos 8890 processor – and 4 GB of RAM. The latter represents a major disappointment since many were expecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to offer 6 GB of RAM so as to compete with the OnePlus 3 and many other recently launched smartphones.

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