Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Feature Dual Camera Setup like iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

There was a time when only HTC – and a few other manufacturers – were offering dual camera setups on their smartphones.

However, this feature seems to be the flavor of the season, as almost every high end device is said to come with this aspect. The Apple iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are some of the most keenly expected devices of 2016. Samsung is expected to skip the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 generation altogether in favor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The amount of rumors has been so intense about dual camera setups on the iPhone 7 that one can practically confirm them.

Now, it is the turn of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to get numerous rumors that it will feature two cameras. The two cameras may help the device offers the ability to come close to 3-D imaging capabilities. In the past, many manufacturers have tried to replicate the effect but without much success. HTC came the closest with phones like the HTC One M8. It is still not clear how Samsung intend to take advantage of the dual camera setup.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Dual Camera

Other rumors apart from the camera include the use of the Edge place display just like in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which has been the well-received model amongst the Galaxy S7 twins and this interest may have played a role in convincing Samsung to launch phones with this display. Unlike the Galaxy S7 twins, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be launched in just one variant and users will not have the option to choose between models that have Edge display and those that do not.

Marginal improvements in stylus will arrive in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This was a major area of growth in the predecessor, but the South Korean manufacturer is likely to focus on aspects like increasing the support for the Edge display more than anything. As with every other Galaxy Note generation, the phone is expected to come with top of the range specifications. These might include the snapdragon 820 processor, which could be an octa core processor with clock speeds approaching 2 GHz. This processor could be assisted by 6 GB of RAM – a major improvement over the 4 GB seen in the predecessor.

Prices are expected to be even higher for the new model, which may launch earlier ahead of the iPhone 7.

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