Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Would You Like to Write on a Curved Edge?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy is supposed to release the next Note version, the Note 7, in the early days of August this year.

However, even before that, there have been many teasers offering interesting news about the features that you can expect from the Note 7. The new phablet will probably be released some time in August, so that it can be ahead of the release of the iPhone in September this year.

Writing on the Edge

The leaks suggest that the phone will come with curved display and will be a dual edged one. Another new teaser says, “ Write on the edge of something great”. The image shows the stylus positioned in such a way that it means the Note 7 will enable writing on the edge of the display. The S Pen is clearly shown in the teaser, as it is synonymous with this series.

This is further confirmed by the fact that very recently, Samsung had patented this feature. Though there is no authentication for such a feature, the teaser image points very clearly towards it.

The Edge version had been skipped in the Note 5 released last year, but the new teaser shows that this variant is also being re introduced in 2016.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 curved edge

It still remains a debatable point whether you can actually write on the edge. It is quite difficult to write on a curved surface made of paper using a pen or a pencil. Writing on curved plastic or a glass surface will be all the more difficult. What the teaser probably means is that the user can make use of the S Pen in the device edge.

Skipping the Numeral 6

Another teaser through PhoneArena shows that the number 6 is being skipped and the next Note is being called the Note 7. Many other news outlets as well as sources have claimed that Samsung will call its next Note the Note 7 and the not the Note 6. Samsung wants to synchronize the Note series with its flagship phone series, S7. If it continues in the proper serial number order for the Note and calls it the Note 6, it might confuse users, who might consider it to be a Note belonging to 2015. In addition, Apple is releasing the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus later on this year, so Samsung does not want its new Note to be considered older.

Expected Features

The new Note 6 or the Note 7, whatever the case may be, will also have the iris scanner and the fingerprint scanner. It will come with a Type C, USB port. The leaks also suggest that the display will be a 5.8 inches screen with QHD and will have a Snapdragon, 823SoC processor that is paired with a 10nm, 6GB RAM. The Note 7 is supposed to be one of the first devices running on the 823.

It will have an internal storage of 32 GB and this can be expanded using a microSD card. The camera for the rear end has a resolution of 12 MP and for the front camera, there is a dual pixel feature.

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