Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Units Arriving from September 21

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been one of the biggest tech failures in the last month, as the hugely expensive smartphone received a worldwide recall within a few weeks after its launch.

The recall was made after several Galaxy Note 7 units started exploding as a result of a faulty battery. Even though Samsung has admitted that the exercise has cost them a lot of money, they had to do so in order to prevent the brand from getting tarnished any further. The recall is being conducted free of charge and the replacement Galaxy Note 7 units have started arriving in Canada.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has also confirmed that the replacement units will be available for United States customers from September 21. For those who had not given back their Galaxy Note 7s after the recall was issued, they will have to undergo a complicated exchange process. Those who have purchased the phone prior to September 15 are more likely to have a faulty device. Samsung has put up a dedicated section on its website to check whether a phone is affected or not using the IMEI number.

Sales of the phone has been halted temporarily, but it is expected to resume once the replacement units are completely handed over to the respective buyers. At present, production at the factories is reportedly just about sufficient to handle the replacement units. It may not be until a month before the Galaxy Note 7 will be available worldwide. Sales of the phone will undoubtedly take a huge hit considering that the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have just come to the market with potentially no great competition from Samsung.

The South Korean giant has traditionally been the sole competitor for Apple with the likes of LG and HTC only putting up a minor fight. As a result, there have been rumors that the company may fast track the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is not due until February. Even then, it would mean writing off the Galaxy Note 7 completely, although it has been one of the greatest tech devices of 2016.

Galaxy Note 7

Featuring a QHD display with the edge panel, the Galaxy Note 7 completely does away with bezels and is probably the most futuristic in today’s smartphone industry purely in terms of looks. The S-Pen feature set has been improved even further and the entire device is capable of working underwater (and this includes the S-Pen too).

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