Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Update to Cap European Version’s Battery at 60%

Note 7 Recall

When the news of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 started spreading last month, the company was trying almost anything to stop the menace.

After coming to an initial conclusion that overcharging batteries were the reason for the exploding Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean tech giant opted to cap some units of the phone such that they can’t charge their batteries past the 60% mark. Well, this seems to have worked for the group in Australia and apparently, Samsung is set to roll out an update to the European version of the phone – an update that brings the same feature to the phablet.

If you live in Europe, there is a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 update slated for October 31, which is next week Monday. Within this update, you get a feature that tends to limit the battery charging up to a set capacity. This is something some might not love, especially if it means that you only get to use slightly more than half the total size of the battery.

On the brighter side, the update means that the chances of the Galaxy Note 7 bursting into flames are reduced. Samsung issued a recall for the troubled phone, but reports claim that there is a huge number of Note 7s still out there. As a way to ensure that these loyal customers are safe, Samsung has opted to, somehow, frustrate those who still have the phone as a way of forcing them into taking it back as recommended.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

According to Samsung, about two-thirds of all Galaxy Note 7 units sold in Europe have already been returned. If you are among the few still holding onto the handset, you better take it back for your own safety. Otherwise, you might want to consider downloading and installing the latest update, which, as pointed out earlier, will start rolling out next week Monday.

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