Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users are reporting freezing issues when using Phone and Messages apps

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Unlike last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has had one of the best receptions on the smartphone market, but this doesn’t mean the phone is perfect. While Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL issues may be dominating the online media, some users of the Galaxy Note 8 are also experiencing a share of their own problems with the flagship.

According to the reports coming from the official Samsung forums, some Galaxy Note 8 units are freezing when users open the contacts app. Interestingly, the story is the same even when dealing with other apps such as Phone and Messaging, which makes it a serious problem, even in a world where people are continuously relying on platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for calls and messaging.

When a phone cannot open the contacts app or rather send messages or make calls, it basically ceases to be a phone. As per the affected lot, the Galaxy Note 8 freezes when the user is doing anything related to calling or texting. If anything, this should mean that the culprit here is the contacts app, however, others say that using the speed dial, making calls from contacts and recent calls list, tapping on contacts when inside the Messages or Phone app, opening contacts/phone app, using contacts list, loading an Excel spreadsheet from an email, using other apps such as Google app, Chrome and Pokemon Go, charging overnight, making a phone call and even opening the Contacts app when texting also freezes the Galaxy Note 8.

Looking at the accounts given by different Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users, it’s easy to deduce that the Contacts app has something to do with the freezing issue. But until Samsung gives us more details of what the problem is all about, you can force restart the phone or complete drain the battery to solve the problem temporarily. Apparently, even factory resets don’t work.

So far, affected units of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have model numbers SM-N950U (all four major carriers), SM-N950F (unlocked European) and SM-N950D (dual-SIM version). If yours is affected too, let us know in your comments below.


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