Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016) Specs Spotted on GFX Benchmark

The Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016) is a phone expected to be launched in the next few months and it will be a step up to the device that came out in 2015.

Up until now, only rumors about the specifications of the phone have been out. However, most of the rumors may turn out to be true after the phone has surfaced at the GFX Benchmarks. Even though the screen size has been shown up as a 4.8 inch display, it is highly anticipated that the final product will come with a 5.5-inch screen.

This is largely because the slightly less expensive Samsung Galaxy On5 comes with a 5 inch display. A major revamp is the use of 1080p resolution in place of the 720p display on the previous model. This would make a substantial difference even on a large display as the 5.5-inch screen. Of course, it cannot come close to the levels of detail offered by QHD screens, but it is an appreciable difference and it would leave users with little to complain as far as display quality is concerned.

Galaxy On7

As with the display, there is also a tremendous amount of improvement made in the area of speed and processing power. The presence of an eight core CPU means that the phone is now extremely fast and capable of running several applications without slowing. The CPU, which will be clocked at more than 2 GHz, will be assisted by 3 GB of RAM. Once again, these are excellent specifications for a phone in tending to offer the latest android operating system even though this OS has been calibrated to run on slower devices without much loss in performance.

The only issue may be the presence of 16 GB of internal storage, although Samsung are certain to offer a version with larger storage or at least support additional storage through microSD cards. Samsung appears not to have altered anything with regard to the rear camera, which continues to have the same 13-megapixel sensor. The front camera, however, has been improved to an eight-megapixel sensor with 1080p video recording option. The Samsung Galaxy On7 is expected to be priced around $200 and the phone will be launched in the middle of August. It will only increase the options in Samsung’s mid-range portfolio, which is already filled with phones like the Samsung Galaxy C7 and the Galaxy A7.

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