Samsung Galaxy On7 Appears in Listings as New Mid-Range Device

Galaxy On7

Samsung appears to be preparing for the launch of a new mid-range smartphone in many worldwide markets.

A new listing saw Samsung come out with the Samsung Galaxy On7 2016, which will carry SM-G610F as the model number, and the phone is expected to be slightly better than the recently launched Samsung Galaxy On5. The latter came out in developing countries last year with a price of just under $250. The official pricing details about theSamsung Galaxy On7 are not available, but one can expect the phone to be placed slightly higher than the Samsung Galaxy On5.

The phone is expected to come with aspects like HD resolution, a 5.5-inch screen, along with a powerful snapdragon processor belonging to the 410 range. The 5.5-inch screen with 720p resolution seems like a recipe for success. Of course, there are phones starting to come with even better resolution in the mid-range segment, but they may not have the brand power in front of them. Owning a brand like Samsung brings peace of mind and bragging rights in certain instances.

Samsung Galaxy On7

The snapdragon 410 processor may be a mediocre processor in the long line up of chipsets from the American company, Qualcomm, but it makes up for decent performance on the device. It is a quad core 1.1 GHz processor which will be handed the duty of running android 5.1 box. It is almost certain that the Samsung Galaxy On7 may not receive updates to future – or even the current generation of android – versions of the operating system. However, there is little to complain since the TouchWiz user interface employed by Samsung already has a number of aspects like multiwindow, which are only about to arrive on android N, for several years.

The TouchWiz user interface may be a power hungry tool control the operating system, but it is seen as one of the best in terms of providing excellent control. Further, Samsung has significantly reduced the amount of bloatware in its smartphones these days. One can expect the trait to continue with the Samsung Galaxy On7 as well. Its 13-megapixel camera in the rear is supplemented by features like LED flash and autofocus, while the front camera has a five-megapixel sensor. The Samsung Galaxy On7 is likely to be sold in many countries as a step up to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy On3 – an entry-level model.

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