Samsung Galaxy S5: 4 Reasons to Ditch this 2014 Flagship

Samsung Galaxy S5

Many of you probably still rock the aging Samsung Galaxy S5. Of course, a good number will bank on the highly unsuccessful Galaxy S6 as the main reason they still own an older S5, but for how long are you going to hang onto this 2014 flagship?

The answer here is definitely not for so long. Samsung has already unveiled a new set of devices in the shape of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. In a few months’ time, an even newer Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be here and probably a Galaxy S7 Mini and S7 Active, among others. With this growing list of newer devices, upgrading to a newer device is somehow inevitable.

Just in case you haven’t made your decision on whether to ditch your current Samsung Galaxy S5 for a newer device or not, here are some reasons to help you along the way.

Upgraded Samsung Galaxy versions

If your main reason to still rock Samsung Galaxy S5 is the Galaxy S6, there is a new monster in town known as Samsung Galaxy S7. Alongside this flagship is another device known as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Although they have a slightly higher price tag than the S5, you will be sure of getting the best and most recent devices (hardware and software).

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

The Galaxy S7 is no doubt the most stylish Samsung smartphone to ever exist. Under the hood, the phone packs extra-amazing hardware and runs on the latest software. The S7 has superior specs, camera, battery and software as compared to the S5. The phone brings back the microSD card slot and Ingress Protection that went missing on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. There has never been a better time to ditch the Galaxy S5.

Newer designs and hardware

Speaking of newer designs and hardware, current users of Samsung Galaxy S5 have a wide range of devices to choose from. Although the Galaxy S6 has its own shortcomings, the design, and hardware spotted by this device is newer and fresher than what the S5 has.

Samsung went from plastic (used on the S5) to metal and glass used on the Galaxy S6 and S7. The older design is no more as attention has shifted to the more premium designs of today – something that should make you want to leave the 2014 flagship home. While the hardware on board was top-class back in 2014, it is no longer what 2016 flagships specifications demand.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 1080p resolution compared to the 2K resolution available on both the S6 and S7. In addition, software applications have become more resource intensive and as such, the 2GB of RAM installed on the device is starting to cripple the device in terms of performance. Furthermore, the onset of VR means that it will be hard to enjoy this technology using the older hardware on Galaxy S5, hence the need for an upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a Snapdragon 801 chipset and 2GB RAM. When compared to the Snapdragon 820 CPU and 4GB RAM of the Galaxy S7 (or Exynos 7 and 3GB RAM on the Galaxy S6), this is just unacceptable in 2016.

The clock is ticking

No device is made to last a lifetime and so is Samsung Galaxy S5. The phone came to life in 2014 and it is already into its third year. Even though it might still be giving you top-notch services, the clock is ticking and sooner or later, the random crashes will no longer be random and instead, frequent. It is, for this reason, newer versions of the same phone have been coming in because manufacturers also know that age also catches up with these devices.

If you have been using the Galaxy S5 for a while now, you probably must have noticed the performance is no longer the same as before. This is happening because you are already running on borrowed time.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S6

No more software upgrades

Android software updates usually hit devices that have been around for no more than two years. Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched with Android KitKat and later on upgraded to Android Lollipop. At the time of this writing, the Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update is rolling out. However, this is probably the last major update this phone will be seeing, just like we’ve witnessed with Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3, which were released in 2013, with respect to the Marshmallow update.

Android N developer preview is already out and the final version is knocking on the doors of these devices. There is little to no chance that the Galaxy S5 will see this update, so your best chance of getting the goodies of the new operating system is to jump to a newer Samsung Galaxy S7 or still, get last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6.

6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5: 4 Reasons to Ditch this 2014 Flagship”

  1. Your S5 will not receive any more updates after Marshmallow. Perhaps this is true, but we don’t know, and why upgrade a phone when you’re just about to receive an OS update? Android N is not even released! Did the writer actually consider all the waste that occurs when millions of people are upgrading their phone every year or two? Just hold onto your phone until it can no-longer serve your needs. Don’t be told by some tech writer when to buy! So what if the newer phones have more RAM? My S5 is responsive enough for me. Anyway you pay a premium if you buy current generation models. I always buy the previous model. I bought the s5 when the s6 was the latest. I generally get it for half price of what it is when first released. 50% depreciation in 12 months. Save your hard earned money people.

  2. I´ll stick with my S5 which has a Infrared Blaster – opens my garage door, changes volume on my tv and so on. The S5 is one of the few devices which have this feature. Hard to understand why the new flagship S7 doesn´t have it.

  3. You know that not everyone can just go out and buy the latest tech? There is nothing wrong with the Galaxy S5’s. In fact, we buy them in bulk for our business. It is the best phone you can get at its price point. Do I like my Note 5 better? Of course. But really for the majority of people an S5 is just fine.

  4. How long until the S7 becomes just another device you talk down on like the S5? Keeping up with the Jones in the cellphone game will have you broke in no time chasing the latest tech. I’m getting a warranty on my lg3 which happens to be a S5. Will root and leave it along until a certain date for 6.0 drops.

    Pretty soon in the near future companies like Blu will be competing with Samsung with quality builds for way less then half the price. $200 dollar phones that can easily compete with the market without killing your pockets every 6 damn months.

  5. I’m almost convinced it may be time to consider a newer phone, if so I’ll buy an LG G4 or G5, swapping batteries is a must and plasic is just fine, no ugly shattered glass backs for me thank you.

  6. This S 5 is the worst phone I ever had This is my 4 refurbished phone from Verizon in least than a year and I still have the same problem. The feedback from when I talk on the phone and when someone else is talking to me. This will be my last Samsung phone I will have .I will find a,different phone.

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