Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Confirmed, Release Date Imminent

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is now official after the device’s name appeared in a listing of supported models as far as the Samsung Level app is concerned.

This is good news for those who loved last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, which was exclusive to AT&T. The S6 Active was released following the release of the flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge; both of which had no room for water and dust resistance. The Active version came in for those users who wanted to have this high-end device but their lives are very active.

Samsung went back to the dust and water resistance capabilities when designing the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. While these two features were at the heart of differences when it came to Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Active, the fact that they are already available on this year’s flagship model isn’t stopping the South Korean tech giant from coming in with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Active variant.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active release date not confirmed

This is not the first time news of a possible Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is coming in. However, it is still unknown how Samsung will work out things given that the Galaxy S7 already packs some of the features that characterized the ruggedized version.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Despite the fact that very little information is currently out regarding this smartphone, it seems someone from the company couldn’t just keep things under the radar. Through the Samsung Level app, it can now be confirmed that there will indeed be a Samsung Galaxy S7 Active variant coming. However, there is nothing we can confirm with respect to the phone’s release date.

The device was listed in the Samsung Level app’s supported devices following the release of an updated version. The leak only but confirms earlier reports that a Samsung Galaxy S7 Active of model number SM-891A will be coming to take over from last year’s Galaxy S6 Active that had model number SM-890A.

Possible features of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

As noted, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active came in as the rugged version of the flagship S6. The phone came in with military-grade protection of MIL-STD-810G rating, something that is also expected to feature on the S7 Active, but on an improved scale. Even though the current material design already protects the Galaxy S7 from such things like water and dust, the military grade protection will keep the Galaxy S7 Active safe from things like extreme heat and cold, humidity, shock and other problems.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Under the hood, the phone is expected to pack the same specs as the flagship Galaxy S7. However, with last year’s S6 Active shipping with a larger 3500mAh battery unit, it is expected that this year’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Active will pack an even larger battery unit than the 3000mAh unit that comes with the S7.

Just like last year’s version, Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is expected to be exclusive to AT&T.


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