Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: 5 Coolest Things about this Phone

Galaxy S7 Edge

Whenever Android OEMs come in with new flagships, they are always the best and way better than the previous models. This is the same story with this year’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which was unveiled during last month’s MWC event in Barcelona.

When compared to last year’s Galaxy S6 Edge, this year’s model is a monster. In fact, this device has turned out to be a favorite among early adopters thanks to the decent design it comes with, leave alone what’s under the hood. There is definitely a lot you will love about this year’s Galaxy S7 Edge and to start you off, here the 5 coolest things about this curved-edge Galaxy S series flagship.

Superior design

Samsung has really nailed it when it comes to the design of the Galaxy S7 Edge. In fact, Apple rests comfortably behind the Korean tech company on this one, although some still believe that Samsung’s current design language was inspired by Apple.

But this is no iPhone show; it is the Galaxy S7 Edge’s show. The phone is sleek, solid and has all the style you could ever want in a smartphone. Samsung also went for a perfect screen size for a phablet – 5.5 inches – as opposed to the 5.7 inches that is installed on the Galaxy Note 5. The rear is rounded to ensure comfortable handling in one hand.

Excellent display quality

Just like last year’s Galaxy S6 Edge, the new S7 Edge has a Super AMOLED 2K QHD screen that makes everything you look at this phone extremely beautiful. The OLED screen promises deeper blacks, colors that are more vivid and uncompromised clarity. The screen also comes with Always On technology that allows the screen to stay lit and ease the process of checking for things like time, date and other notifications.

Top-notch camera

Apple has stuck with a 12MP snapper on the rear of its current flagship and it seems Samsung has found a home in the same. This year’s Galaxy S7 Edge dropped last year’s 16MP and instead went for a 12MP lens on the rear. Despite the loss of megapixels, the camera has a much better aperture of f/1.7. With this new setup, it means there is 25% more light coming in as compared to last year’s model. The result is much better photos in low light conditions.

Galaxy S7 Edge

MicroSD card slot

Samsung came back with the microSD card slot on the Galaxy S7 Edge. With this ability, you can get an extra 200GB of storage to supplement the 32GB of onboard storage the device comes with. The 32GB Galaxy S7 Edge is priced at $780. When you add a microSD card of 200GB that costs just $80 on Amazon, the price rises to $860, but with a total storage of 232GB. This is still $100 less than what you need to get the high-end model of the iPhone 6S Plus, which costs about $950 and has 128GB of onboard storage.

Water and dust resistance

Samsung has brought back the water and dust resistance features, this time with a rating of IP68. This means the Galaxy S7 Edge can survive up to 30 minutes of drowning in water that is 1.5 meters deep. This is a feature that can save you lots of trouble and money as it helps protect the phone from the most common damages.



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