Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Available with Blue Coral Color Option on Verizon

Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has gone off the market in acrimonious circumstances and has left Samsung with a huge gap to fill at the top of the segment.

Recent reports suggested that Samsung are planning to ramp up production of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in order to compensate for the loss. The Galaxy S7 Edge may probably be a worthy alternative to the Galaxy Note 7 since it almost has every feature apart from the S Pen. If it is indeed the case, Samsung has not taken long to offer a replacement.

Galaxy S7 Edge

One of the popular colors on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – in its short lifespan – was the blue coral color. Verizon networks have now started receiving a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a blue coral color option. In many ways, it is almost similar to the Galaxy Note 7 albeit a slightly smaller due to the 5.5-inch screen. The Galaxy Note 7 came with a 5.7-inch screen, but the difference is hardly noticeable at a quick glance. Verizon may have received the first Galaxy S7 Edge blue coral versions, but other carriers and countries will have this option sooner rather than later.

The highlight of the Galaxy S7 Edge could be the display with its edge screen, which almost makes it looks like being without bezels. Internally, though, the device is one of the best in the business when it comes to battery life. Thanks to a stupendous 3600 mAh battery, the Galaxy S7 Edge is capable of lasting a day and possibly more even for moderate users. Even though the first charging feature on the phone may not be as quick as the dash charging technology found on the OnePlus 3 phones, but it is still quick enough.

Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral on Verizon

It would take around 90 minutes for the Galaxy S7 Edge to get fully charged from 0%. Considering that the phone has an impressive battery life, it would not be surprising to see the phone get around six hours of screen on time with 50% brightness. Some regions of the world have the Galaxy S7 Edge with a snapdragon 820 processor while Samsung also offers the phone with Exynos 8890 Octa processor. Both are extremely fast and almost inseparable in terms of quality.

Just as the performance, the Galaxy S7 Edge also has an extremely capable 12-megapixel rear camera and a five-megapixel front camera.

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