Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users are reporting a weird display problem

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung is working hard on refreshing the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with a new set of phones that it says will be better, safer and very innovative.

In 2016, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was without a doubt the best-selling Sammy phone, well ahead of the standard S7. This, in fact, is one of the contributing reasons as to why this year’s models will both ship with an Edge screen. However, not all good things lack an “evil” side – and so is the Galaxy S7 Edge.

According to incoming reports, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users are reporting that the phone has a somehow weird problem that draws a pink line vertically across the display screen and it cannot just be removed no matter what. This issue has already been submitted in several social media channels as well as forums, including Twitter and Reddit. However, Samsung has not yet given its statement on the matter as of now.

Apparently, no one knows what brings the pink line across the screen of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge handsets, but it has nothing to do with the latest update to Android 7.0 Nougat update. If anything, reports claim that this issue could be related to physical or even water damages, among other user-induced issues.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

As for now, the only thing Samsung has said, through a community forum moderator, is that those affected by the issue can take their faulty Galaxy S7 Edge to technicians so that they can be checked and repaired. In addition, the moderator says that the technician will also determine whether the device was damaged by the user or not.

Tech website Myce offers some tips on how to take care of the problem, however, these could prove cumbersome for many people out there. But why should you turn to crafty ways of solving a problem on a device that you paid more than $760? Well, for now, this could be the only way, probably until Samsung makes an official statement on the same.

Is your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge affected by this pink line issue on the display screen? Please share your experiences with us via the comments.

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