Samsung Galaxy S7 May Get a Glossy Black Color Variant Soon

Samsung Galaxy S7

After releasing a blue coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the South Korean tech giant seems to be planning to spice things up a little bit for the standard S7.

Reports just coming in suggest that Samsung might be working on releasing a new color variant for the smaller Galaxy S7. Apparently, the phone will receive a glossy black color starting this coming month of December. Samsung is already offering the S7 in a black onyx color variant, however, the new glossy black is said to be targeting the jet black variant sold by Apple.

This is also another attempt by Samsung to keep fans busy with a supposed new variant of the Galaxy S7 that adds new life to the aging flagship. This follows the Galaxy Note 7 debacle that has seen the flagship discontinued and production stopped.

The launch of the glossy black color variant for Samsung Galaxy S7 comes after the company shipped a new blue coral variant for the curved Galaxy S7 Edge. This color was initially meant to remain exclusive to the Galaxy Note 7 handset, but as noted earlier, this handset is no more.

Samsung Galaxy S7

As at the time of this writing, all major U.S. carriers are selling the blue coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. There is no change in price, something that is also expected of the new variant of the Galaxy S7. However, unlike the S7 Edge, no carrier has confirmed whether it will be carrying the glossy black S7.

But since this report is based on unconfirmed sources, it is better to take with some form of skepticism. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the tech giant to come in with a new color variant of Samsung Galaxy S7 as it buys time before the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 somewhere around March 2017.

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