Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Huawei P9: The Finest from 2016?

Huawei P9 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 set the stage or rather standards for other smartphone manufacturers when it was unveiled earlier in the year. Ever since its official launch last month, it has been hard to speak of any Android flagship’s qualities without comparing it to the S7.

Huawei P9 was recently announced and at the time of this writing, the phone is yet to be availed for purchase. The company is known for its excellent designs and feature-packed phones that cost almost half the price of top flagship devices. However, the P9 is not a mid-tier device either, especially when looking at what it offers on paper.

There is no doubt that Huawei is the current smartphone manufacturer to watch out for. Following in its Nexus 6P footsteps, the Huawei P9 boasts an amazing design, decent camera, top-of-the-table specs and an amazing price tag. So, how does the P9 compare to the Galaxy S7 in terms of design, display, specs, and price?

Design and display

Huawei is known for its prowess when it comes to designs and design materials it uses on its devices. The Huawei P9 is no different as it spots a premium look with its precision-designed aluminum and ceramic body. The Galaxy S7 makes use of both metal and glass, which gives it an equally appealing look. However, the P9 is slightly slimmer than the S7, although the former is a little larger in size.

Huawei P9 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

When it comes to the display units of both phones, Samsung Galaxy S7 is a clear winner. The device features a 5.1-inch display with a 2K Super AMOLED QHD resolution and a pixel density of 577ppi. On the contrary, the Huawei P9 has a 5.2-inch display screen that manages a lower resolution of 1080p and has a pixel density of 423ppi. Nevertheless, you will get excellent views on both devices, albeit with sharper displays from the S7.


While style and finish are still very essential, most buyers are obsessed with the spec sheet offered by phones. If this is you, it will be very hard to put these two apart. This is because Samsung Galaxy S7 features the latest Snapdragon 820 SoC and a RAM of 4GB. There is still another variant that packs the same RAM but with an Exynos 8890 SoC. Onboard storage stands at 32GB and 64GB and there is room to expand using a microSD card of up to 200GB.

As far as the Huawei P9 is concerned, the Chinese OEM went for the latest Kirin 955 SoC and has two variants of 3GB and 4GB RAM. While the base model packs 32GB of onboard storage, the 4GB RAM variant has 64GB of onboard storage. Even though there room for expandable storage, the P9 only allows a microSD card of up to 128GB.

Both phones come with battery units of 3000mAh in capacity, which should return a decent amount of usage time.

Camera and price

Even though Samsung Galaxy S7 is touted to have one of the best smartphone snappers in 2016, the Huawei P9 does great with its dual-camera setup from Leica. Unlike LG G5 which uses a 16MP and 8MP sensor in its dual-camera setup, the P9 makes use of two 12MP Leica lenses that promise pictures with almost DSLR quality. For selfies, it get even better with the Huawei P9’s 8MP sensor compared to the 5MP availed on the Galaxy S7.

Huawei P9 vs Samsung Galaxy S7


As mentioned at the beginning, Huawei is famous for its affordable phones that come with high-end specs. Well, the Huawei P9 is one of these devices, however, there is still no clear details of how much this device will cost. Apparently, the 32GB variant of the Huawei P9 has been listed for a price of £449, which should translate to about $657, which is more than the “affordable” price tag that the company has been known for.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S7 will set you back $670 for the 32GB variant, which is about the same price.

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